How do I create a new appraisal template?

To add a new template, select “Administration” from the main menu, then select the “Manage Appraisal Templates” option, then select the “Add New Template” link at the top of the page.

Then, enter a title for the template and click “Continue” to proceed to the template editing page.

To add elements to the template, click the “Add Element” button. On the form that is then displayed select the type of element you wish to add and enter any text you wish to display as the question. Depending on the type of element you have chosen, you may be required to enter additional information. For example, for a multiple choice question, you will need to provide the possible answers. For a “scale” question, you will need to provide an upper and lower limit for the scale as well as the number of options on show (so a scale with a lower limit of 1, an upper limit of 5 and 5 options shown will present as five radio buttons marked 1 through 5).

When you have created the element, click the Add button to add the element to the template.

When you have added all elements, click the “Done” button to store the template.

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