How do I publish absence calendars for viewing in Outlook or Google Calendar?

SMB allows for absence calendars for all teams, departments and locations to be made available as Internet Calendars, which can be subscribed to and viewed in Outlook, Google and any other software that allows for subscription to ICAL files. ICAL is the universally recognised format for calendar information.

Before you subscribe to a calendar, an user with Administration access will need to activate it on your account. To do this, open the "Administration" section by clicking on the "Administration" link on the main menu, then select "Calendar Publishing Settings". On the page that is then shown, you can turn on/off calendar publishing by selecting the appropriate option from the dropdown list and clicking "Save Changes".

You may also select which types of absence to show on calendars published for employees by checking the boxes for the relevant absence and sickness types. In addition, you may also select whether to label each absence type on the calendar or, by hiding the details of the absence type, absences will be shown simply as “Absent”

Once publishing is enabled, you can subscribe to any team/location/department calendar by selecting the "Employees" option on the main menu and then selecting the "Holidays" button alongside the group which you wish to subscribe to. When the schedule is shown, you'll see a link at the top of the page marked "Subscribe to this calendar through Outlook/Google Calendar".

The process of subscribing to the calendar is different between different software products. Depending on the product you have, clicking on the link may open your Outlook software and automatically add the feed as a calendar, or you may need to use your software's own "subscribe to calendar" link to manually add the calendar. If you are adding it manually, you can find the URL for the calendar by right-clicking on the "Subscribe" link.

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